Every bean is personally touched

We at Biome coffees focus on shade grown, handpicked, sun dried and hand garbled specialty coffees. We work directly with farmers and their organisations, hence calling it "Farmers Trade". Sustainability and human connection is ingrained in every action of ours in the coffee supply chain.

Discover the Rich Flavors of Shade Grown Coffee

Shade-grown coffee refers to the method of cultivating coffee plants under the shade of multiple layers of trees which are taller compare to coffee plants. This natural method of growing coffee has numerous advantages over sun-grown coffee, including biodiversity, soil conservation, and better quality coffee beans. Shade-grown coffee provides a natural habitat for a wide variety of animals, birds and insects, which helps to control pests and reduce the need for harmful pesticides. Further, the shade trees reduce soil erosion and provide nutrients to the soil, resulting in healthier coffee plants and better tasting coffee beans with unique flavor profile. Shade-grown coffee is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way of growing coffee.

Savor the Unique Taste of Handpicked Coffee

Hand-picked coffee is a method of harvesting coffee cherries by hand. This process ensures that only that ripest ones are picked thus resulting in the highest quality beans. The result of this eco-conscious production method is evident in a more flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee. This harvesting process is time-consuming and labor-intensive, but we believe it is worth a smile when you are sipping our coffees.

Indulge in the Unique Flavor of Sun dried Coffees

Sun dried coffee is a unique and age old method of drying raw coffee beans that is still in practice in some parts of the world. This process involves laying freshly harvested raw coffee beans out in the sun to drying yards or beds, which can take any where between one to two weeks depending on the process wet/dry and weather. The raw coffee beans are turned every few hours to ensure uniform drying. Sun dried coffee has a distinct flavor profile that is often described as slightly fruity with a hint of sweetness. Again, it is also a labor-intensive process and exposes coffee to the damages caused weather, insects or other pests, which requires careful attention.

Experience the Superior quality of Hand garbled process

Most of the specialty coffees are hand garbled after sorting on sieves. This meticulous process of sorting by hand is to ensure that only the finest beans retained by removing all sort of defects and foreign objects. This results in a superior taste in the cup of coffee . The hand garbling process involves mostly women, takes high level of skill in identifying defects, making it a rare and highly sought specialty coffee. Hand garbling may not be the most efficient method of sorting coffee beans, but it is a labor of love that produces a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

The green coffee beans are carefully inspected to ensure defects free coffee and that they have the right moisture content. The attention to detail is what sets our hand-garbled coffee apart from the rest. Many coffee connoisseurs prefer our coffees because of its superior flavor and quality.

We use sustainable and environmentally-friendly packaging option for our coffees. The outer bag is made of Jute and inner liner is made of biodegradable and compostable materials, such as cornstarch or sugarcane pulp. The multi-layer packing protects green coffee beans from moisture and deterioration from oxygen. It is recyclable and reusable.

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